Allocation of funding April 2024 - March 2025

Coach and judge education

Funding is available for any BG recognized course in coaching, judging or safe-guarding. Each affiliated club can apply for up to £600 in the year.

The county will contribute 50% of the fees.

Clubs will need to show payment to BG in order to apply.

Club Funding for development

For development workshops the county will contribute

  • 100% for development workshops open to all county clubs
  • 50% for own club development

Clubs will need to apply for funding before the workshop and set out expected benefits.

Other projects

All other funding requests can be applied for in writing by the requesting club to their discipline representative who will forward to the committee for approval.

Club details

Approximately how many members are at your club
Who is dealing with the funding for this project?
Most communication from us will use email.
Include who will benefit from the project.
How much will this project cost in total?
How much money are you asking for?
Sussex Gymnastics only funds projects that have no other source of funding
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