The Sussex Championships programme is an A4 booklet printed in black & white, containing complete spectator information for the event and listing the names of all the competitors. Sussex Gymnastics sells about 350 programmes during the weekend, the cover price of which will be £1.00. This programme can contain either a full or half page advert.

Sponsors can also provide an image to be displayed on the score screens.

Sponsors can provide banners and flags to put up in the arena, or distribute fliers at the event.

All sponsors will have an advert placed on the Sussex Championships page of Sussex Gymnastics website. The Sussex Gymnastics website attracts a large number of visitors (about 1,500 per week). This banner will be placed as soon as sponsorship has been agreed upon.

There is an announcer present throughout the weekend, and all sponsors will be mentioned frequently during the event.

Sponsors are welcome to attend the competition as guests and would be invited to assist with the presentations of medals.

Cost of adverts

The following charges apply for adverts placed in the event programme: Whole page: £120.00, Half page: £60.00.

We are sure you will agree this is very cheap compared to most other advertising opportunities.

How to supply adverts

Sponsors are asked to supply all adverts themselves, electronically, 5 weeks before the competition so adverts can be included in the event's programme.

Programme adverts

Please supply a black & white graphic in any popular image format (e.g. JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, EPS). The image for a full page advert should be approximately 2,000 x 2,800 pixels (portrait), and for a half page it should be 2,000 x 1,400 pixels (landscape).

Ensure you include your contact details and general information on the product you are selling in your advert.

Screen adverts

Screen adverts should be full colour JPG. These images will be re-sized to exactly 1,366 x 768 pixels.

Screen adverts need to be very simple; do not use lots of text, it will not be read. A logo and a phone number is enough.

Additional fliers and banners

Any additional fliers or banners must be provided by the advertisers themselves, and will have to confirm to any fire regulations or safety considerations the organisers need to impose.

Please contact us if you would like to display banners or posters in the arena.

Please get in touch with  Richard Keasley at Hawth Gymnastics Club (01293 585327) if you think you can help.