1066 GA, Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill

The Sussex Advanced, Bronze, Silver & Gold 4 Piece Competition will be held on Sunday 20th November 2016 at 1066 Gymnastics Academy.

The Sussex Novice & Intermediate 4 Piece Competition will be held on Sunday 27th November 2016 at The Triangle Leisure Centre.

20 November 2016, 1066 GA, Hastings
27 November 2016, Triangle LC, Burgess Hill

These competitions are open to female gymnasts competing at Novice & Intermediate levels (Categories A (training a maximum of 2 hours) & B (training a maximum of 4 hours)) & Advanced, Bronze, Silver & Gold levels (Categories 1 (training a maximum of 5 hours) & 2 (training a maximum of 8 hours)). They will be run using the Regional General Gymnastics Floor & Vault Novice-Gold Criteria (Issue 6 - July 2016 version) & the Sussex Bars & Beam Novice-Gold criteria (July 2015 version) which can both be down-loaded from theĀ Rules.