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    We are now accepting membership renewals and registrations for the 2020/21 year.

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on our operations and activities and we’re aware that this has been a difficult year for our members who have missed going to their club. But through this unprecedented period, we have been inspired by our community’s proactiveness, staying connected when in lockdown before making the necessary arrangements needed to reopen and come back to the sport.

    To help everyone to be able to return to gymnastics, we are focussing on how we can continue to keep our community active, healthy and safe, supporting our registered clubs and members in the best ways we can.

    Membership subsidies
    After reaching out to

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    We have been speaking with Government to raise questions and look for clarifications on the aspects of the new restrictions that may affect gymnastics clubs. As you can appreciate, this is a rapidly changing situation and it is important we communicate to you as quickly as we can but with certainty that the information is correct. Any time the advice or guidance changes we will work to clarify the specifics for gymnastics and communicate them to you.

    Latest update on Team Sport
    On Wednesday, we confirmed that the ‘rule of six’ team sport restrictions would apply only to over 18s. We can now confirm that the only gymnasts affected by this rule are adults participating in TeamGym and Festival Display gymnastics as their groups are larger than six. In group activities within those specific disciplines, the ‘rule of six’ applies and no more

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    Yesterday (22nd September 2020), Government announced new restrictions linked to the spread of Covid-19. Please find below more information following this update. The announcement included a new restriction to have a maximum of 6 people taking part in ‘adult indoor team sport'.

    • We are pleased to be able to confirm that children are not impacted by this change. The restriction only applies to those aged 18 and over, and not the majority of gymnasts who are children and young people. 

    • This ruling may apply to adults participating in ‘Team Sport’ specific elements of gymnastics, which are identified within the recently published Team Sport Framework; namely Acrobatic
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    Update on Boris Johnson's briefing to the House of Commons 

    We are in contact with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to understand the full impact of the COVID-19 restrictions announced in parliament today, in particular the rule of 6 applying to indoor adult team sport (England only). As soon as we have further information, we will provide an update.

    New legal requirement to display QR code posters 

    From Thursday 24th September, all venues in England will be required by law to display the official NHS QR code poster ahead of the new NHS COVID-19 app being launched. 

    In Wales, all venues are urged to display the official NHS QR code poster in their facilities. 

    For clubs in hired venues, it is our understanding

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    UPDATE (23rd September 2020) - Date extended to Friday 9th October 2020 

    UK Sport and Sport England have been informed that the deadline for the Whyte Review call of evidence has been extended to Friday 9th October 2020. Anne Whyte QC has filmed a video message to announce the extension and to thank those who have contributed so far, which you can access here.

    (28th August 2020) This morning, UK Sport and Sport England announced the Terms of Reference for the