11-12 March 2017 MAG British Championships (U12, U14) www
20-26 March 2017 MAG WAG British Championships (U18, Snr) www
26 March 2017 Gen Chichester Invitational www
28 May 2017 WAG WAG competition www
4 June 2017 WAG Sussex Inviitational info
11 June 2017 Gen Uckfield F+V info
25 June 2017 Gen Sussex Floor + Vault (Nov, Int) info
9 July 2017 Gen Floor and vault competition www
7-8 October 2017 [many] Sussex Championsnips info
3-5 November 2017 MAG Grades Finals www
1-3 December 2017 MAG WAG British Espoir / British Teams www

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Future events
10 June 2018 WAG Summerfields Invitational www
24 June 2018 Gen Uckfield F+V www
22-23 September 2018 [many] Sussex Championships info

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