Sussex Gymnastics Logo

Sussex GymnasticsHere are various versions of the Sussex logo to download. All are supplied as GIF files. There are two versions, either colour or black and white. If you are intending to photocopy the image you are best to use the black and white version. The logo is available in four sizes.

Sussex Gymnastics logos
Size [px]colourb&w
100 x 42 GIF(2 kB) GIF(1 kB)
400 x 164 GIF(8 kB) GIF(5 kB)
800 x 329 GIF(18 kB) GIF(12 kB)
1600 x 658 GIF(40 kB) GIF(28 kB)

Please tell me if you have a problem with this page, or if you need another version of the logo to those supplied here.